Resistor Network Finder



I don't accept responsibility for any harm you may do to your gear, yourself, or to someone else, armed with the knowledge from this site. I don't guarantee that the networks found by this tool are correct, or that this tool will find the best fitting network. Be sure to measure each resistor network you construct before plugging it into the circult. I also don't take responsibility for you graduating without knowing how to design or solve resistor networks.


Every now and then your next project may need a resistance value that you don't have in your stock. The possible answers to this problem:

As you can guess already, another solution is: Build a network out of available resistors. This is cheap, safe, quick, and reasonably compact. Now the question becomes: how to design the most fitting network? Sometimes it's trivial, like obtaining 2k when you already have 1k: just use two of them in series. In many other cases though the best network is less obvious, especially if you already have a sizeable stock.

This "Resistor Network Finder" tool will help you designing the best network. All you need to do is specify your current stock and the values you are missing. The tool will then crunch through all possible networks (up to certain size), and come up with suggestions.



2016-06-14 - Resistor Network Finder is first made public.

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Technical details

This tool is written in the D language. The only non-Phobos library used is Adam Ruppe's cgi.d. The binary is built with LDC.